Grader / Faculty Assistant

Graders are assigned to faculty members and may assist in grading exams, homework, and quizzes. Graders may also be asked to proctor when necessary.

Tutoring in our Tutoring Center

Tutors will work directly with the students currently enrolled in MATH and STAT courses. It is preferable that applicants be sophomore, junior, or senior students majoring in mathematics or mathematics education who will be able to help students with specific questions in mathematics. Tutors will also help Instructors and Course Coordinators by alerting them to the variety of difficulties encountered by the students whom they are assisting.

Departmental Office Assistant

Office Assistants play a crucial role in maintaining department operations. Duties may include, but are not limited to, operating copier/scanner/printer, sorting mail, picking up and dropping off materials from various locations on campus, assisting with preparation for receptions. Office Assistants are also required to have knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite to create and edit spreadsheets and documents.

Updated: 10/25/2023