The Honors Program in Mathematics is designed for the superior student and is intended to help the student develop a more comprehensive view of the nature of mathematics. The program provides a vehicle for the recognition of the achievements of work beyond the usual course of study and earns the student the distinction “Mathematics Scholar Cum Laude” at graduation. Higher degree distinctions are recommended only in truly exceptional cases and are based upon the whole of the candidate’s program of honors studies.

Graduation with Honors

The candidate must satisfy the requirements set forth by the Honors Council.

The candidate must also obtain at least a 3.50 grade-point average in mathematics courses numbered MATH 2554, MATH 2564, MATH 2574, MATH 3083, MATH 3113, MATH 3404, and MATH 4513, as well as in the additional mathematics courses necessary to complete the requirements for the chosen option.

In addition, a grade of “D” or “F” in any other course offered by the department disqualifies a student for honors. Candidates must take one year of honors mathematics in their senior year. This course will require an acceptable paper and will carry two hours of credit per semester. The quality of this paper, along with the execution of the rest of the student’s honors program including the overall academic performance, will be used in determining the distinction between Honors and High Honors.