UAConnect Override Request

If a section of a class you're needing to enroll into is closed, we cannot enroll you into it. Our office will only advise the following:

Talk with Your Advisor First before Considering the Following

  • "Take class next semester when you have priority enrollment"

  • "Drop or reschedule your other classes to resolve time conflicts with other open sections of the class you're needing"

  • "Join the waitlist, if one is available"

    • Note: Joining a waitlist isn't a guaranteed enrollment

    • Note: You can only be enrolled in one section of a class - this includes waitlisting for a class; meaning you can only be in one section of a class (waiting or not)

  • "Do you need to take the class?"

    • Do you need a MATH class to enroll into next semester's MATH or STAT class? Then consider taking the Math Placement Exam to skip over unnecessary MATH prerequisite courses!

    • If the class is College Algebra or Calculus, you may be able to take a CLEP Exam from the University Testing Center for credit instead

    • Talk with your advisor, perhaps another open MATH or STAT class will satisfy your degree plan just as well

  • "Take the class at another institution"

    • The Registrar's Office has a Transfer Equivalency Guide students can use to verify if the institution they take the course at instead will transfer correctly back to the University of Arkansas

    • Since it involves taking classes at another institution, students are highly encouraged to talk with their advisors beforehand