Non-University Student Tutoring

Tutor Request Form

Our department cannot facilitate tutoring services to students not enrolled in the University of Arkansas.

Instead, outside parties may submit their information to request private tutoring from one of our program's undergraduate and graduate students; but tutors, nor their quality, can be guaranteed in this way.

We recommend students take advantage of free, online resources such as Wolfram Alpha, Khan Academy, YouTube, etc.


University Student Tutoring

University of Arkansas students may utilize our Math Tutoring Center located in Champions Hall during operating hours.

Students may also request one-on-one tutoring sessions by appointment or attend scheduled drop-in group sections offered by the Student Success Center in the Cordia Harrington Center for Excellence (CORD).

UAConnect Course Override

UAConnect Override Form

Students may fill out this override form gain permission or be enrolled in a MATH, STAT, or STAN course. Enrollment is not guaranteed with this form and troubleshooting options have been included on the page.


Registrar's Office PDF Forms

Administrative Change of Registration

Administrative Change of Registration form

Change of Registration forms are used to manually enroll and drop students in classes; also for students who wish to audit classes. These forms will usually require signatures from the student, instructor, department chair, and/or dean to be processed before being turned into the Registrar.

Out-of-Career Registration

Out-of-Career Registration form

The Out-of-Career Registration form is used to override registration into a class which is out of a student's career - used when taking more hours than allotted, higher level courses, etc. Students will need to consult with their program advisor before pursuing a class that isn't in their career plan.

Petition of Transfer Credit

Petition of Transfer Credit form

A Petition of Transfer Credit is to re-evaluate how a course has already transferred to the University; most notably if the transfer credit in question isn't marked as equivalent to any University course. This form requires the student to attach any supporting materials - syllabi, course guidelines, planning document of the class, etc - with the form and turn it into the Registrar's Office.

Scholarship Application

The General Department Scholarship Application process is split between applications for Undergraduate and Graduate level students.

Please have necessary information prepared before filling out the form.

Undergraduate Scholarship Form

Graduate Scholarship Form

More information about financial aid opportunities is provided in our Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards page and Graduate Financial Aid page.

Facility Use

Facility Use Application

For Mathematical Sciences program majors only.


Please visit the Employment page for up-to-date forms and opportunities.